Relax and enjoy the birth of your child

Live in the present moment, relax and enjoy your new baby; the valuable lesson I learned when having my third child.

As you first lay your eyes on your babe, you are overwhelmed with love. A new baby is born and a new mother is born within you. You feel so excited to tell everyone and share your baby with the world. But trust me, this is your time. A time to relax and enjoy the birth of your new child.

It starts with phone calls and messages to your closest family. Snapchat’s to your inner circle of friends and then more public announcements on Facebook and Instagram.

The days following the birth of your new child are very memorable but unfortunately, the effects of technology reduce the importance of living in the present moment. Being truly present. Present with our new babe.

It wasn’t until child three I realised this

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect.  Actually, it wasn’t until child number 3, Ocea, arrived that I came to this valuable realisation.

After the arrival of our new baby girl Ocea, I was feeling great and she was happy and healthy. So my husband and I decided we would made a quick dash home from the hospital early, on the morning after the birth.

What was so special about this? Our other two children awoke to discover that they had a beautiful little baby sister.  We sat around together, eating breakfast on the couch and just soaking in every detail of our new little girl.

Use the first few days to bond

For 3 or 4 days, we had no visitors and very little communication with the outside world.  We used this time for our family – to bond – with our new little girl. I spent every, precious, minute with my new baby, as we began to get to know one another.

The days following the birth of my third child were sacred. And these are clear memories that I hold dearly.  I, unfortunately, can’t say the same about my other two. That said, every birth is different.

It’s all about you and your child

I’m not saying everyone has a baby and get the heck out of the hospital. For some women, it’s important to have the support, especially with our first child.

Education and medical presence following the birth of your baby is essential.

What I’m highlighting with this story, is the importance of spending time with your babe, your other children, and your partner. Bond together and as a family. Recover, relax and enjoy the birth of your child. And to live in the present moment.

Remember to live in the moment

Remember to put that phone down, look at your babe and remember, this day won’t happen again. Breath. Relax and enjoy the special moments with your new baby. And try not to think too overthink things.

  • Will I manage to settle my baby into sleeping patterns?
  • I hope I will be able to open my bowels again soon!
  • How will I manage breastfeeding with two other children demanding attention?
  • Oh god, my back is sore…!
  • How will I remember all the information and advice people have passed onto me?

We are all human and we tend to take in only the most important information that ‘we actually need for survival’ in the present moment. All our plans and preparations can be forgotten in an instant.

If you are having any nerves or worries about the day following your birth, just remember that we are there for you and your family.

We are here to help you relax and enjoy your baby

It might be supporting you during the birth, or ‘next’ week; when you aren’t sure why your baby is wanting to feed all the time; or at the 4-week mark, when baby is super unsettled and seems to have reflux.

Relax easy and remember, we are here for you. Your questions, concerns, wishes and experiences as a new mum, are important to both of us.


We’ll help you achieve your ideal breastfeeding experience