Preparing for Work and Pumping

Preparing for Work and Pumping

Are you planning on going back to work or study in the near future, or have you already started and need some guidance? A consultation focuses on pumping and bottle feeding can really reduce the stress of returning into the world, as you begin to leave your baby with family or day care.

If you haven’t yet started back at work yet, the ideal time for this consultation is 2-3 weeks beforehand. This will give you plenty of time to practice and master your new pumping techniques, alone, after the consultation.

Consultations can focus the following areas:

  • Helping baby take a bottle
  • Planning a pumping schedule
  • Making sure your breast pump is working
  • Trouble shooting pumping pain or discomfort
  • Ensuring the breast pump flange is a good fit
    Breastmilk storage
  • Communicating with caregivers about bottle feeding
  • Communicating with your employer about your parenting needs

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