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Providing lactation and midwifery services to Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

About Eyre Lactation & Midwifery

We endeavor to provide more than just ‘how to breastfeed’ but focus on self-empowerment, confidence, and strong family bonds, to help mothers reach their feeding goals.

Katie Mallard and Jane Williams provide this service within their scope-of-practice and in accordance with the Collaboration Referral and Practice Guidelines, providing a holistic service to Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

Katie is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and she holds a Masters in Primary Maternity Care, amongst several other qualifications. She has specialised clinical skills in breastfeeding and postnatal management and care, developed from over 10 years of experience from both the public and private health sector.

Jane is a Registered Nurse/Midwife, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Jane has 9 years experience as a Midwife, working in the public health sector, providing antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care.

Meet Our Team

Katie Mallard

I grew up on the Eyre Peninsula and absolutely love working in the country. Here, I thrive on the concept of “continuity of care” by building trusting relationships with the families in our community and advocating for women.

My passion for continuity of midwifery care is based around understanding woman’s individual needs and developing trusting relationships. I achieve this by delivering contemporary, evidence-based techniques, in a professional but down-to-earth manner.

Throughout my career, I have developed strong working relationships with those around me and this private consultancy wouldn’t be possible without the support of local General Practitioner Obstetrics. I am also very privileged to work in collaboration with Dr. Kris Bascomb. She is a woman who has inspired, supported and guided me at every step. She has believed in me, and help me to grow and progress throughout my career.

After high school, I completed a Double Degree in Registered Nursing and Health Science, at the University of South Australia in Adelaide. I then returned to Port Lincoln to work within the medical field and soon developed a passion for midwifery. This led me to a Graduate Diploma in Midwifery.

I have attained my notation as an Endorsed Midwife following the completion of the Midwifery Practice Review with the Australian College of Midwives (ACM) and I was fortunate enough to write an article for the ACM journal some years later.

More recently I have completed a Masters in Primary Maternity Care and attained my IBCLC, which has enabled me to provide primary maternity care within a wellness health model (and as a private practitioner).

IBCLC Adelaide – IBCLC South Australia

You could say, I’m your average mother of three (very active and energetic) children. Maddison, Jagger and Ocea.

When I’m not helping families like yours, you will find me running between school drop-offs and kids’ activities, like netball, dance, martial arts, soccer or football. Sometimes, I find time to squeeze in my own hobbies. CrossFit is the one activity I do for myself at the moment, but I hope to find time to resume some of my other favorite hobbies soon.

I am also married to a very understanding husband, Rohan. Day-in, day-out, he continues to support my weird and wonderful ideas in life; even if that means spending less quality time together, due to the study-work-life balance.

Although my life is always busy, I cannot wait to help your family.


Jane Williams

I always wanted to be a Midwife and feel very fortunate to work in this profession. I love the variety we get within our work, and especially getting to meet women and their families at such an incredible time in their life.

I’ve always had a real interest in breastfeeding, I honestly find the whole concept of making breastmilk and the mechanisms of breastfeeding so fascinating!

I always had a plan to become a Lactation Consultant, but it wasn’t until speaking with another gorgeous mum, who was having breastfeeding challenges, that I felt really inspired enough to begin my study.

It was then I began to notice the number of women who needed support over skype or alternatively, had to travel from the country to Adelaide, for their lactation support. I am very pleased to be able to provide this service to women throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

I initially completed a Bachelor of Nursing at Flinders University, before completing a Graduate Diploma in Acute Care Nursing at Adelaide University.

I was lucky enough to spend 2 years working as a Registered Nurse in the United Kingdom, in a variety of hospital and clinical settings, which I absolutely loved, before I returned home to Australia.

Soon after, I completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Midwifery through Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga.  I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

IBCLC Port Lincoln – IBCLC Eyre Peninsula

I live here in Port Lincoln with my husband and three young children. I absolutely love the lifestyle we enjoy on the Eyre Peninsula! I love to be outdoors, and really enjoy yoga and playing sports, amongst many things.

I am so excited and grateful to support women with their breastfeeding experience.


Bianca Freshney

My passion for breastfeeding support first arose shortly after the birth of my first son. As a mum feeding a preterm, growth restricted infant, I required significant support from an IBCLC for some weeks to establish breastfeeding during challenging circumstances.   That invaluable support facilitated the achievement of my breastfeeding goals. This experience inspired me to gain my IBCLC qualification, allowing me to provide that same support to other women and families.

I have comprehensive experience providing breastfeeding education antenatally and supporting newborn feeding through my work as a midwife. I also have real world experience breastfeeding during pregnancy, tandem breastfeeding and weaning older nursing children.

I completed a Bachelor of Medical Science specialising in Pharmacology and Molecular Biology in 2011. After working in a pathology laboratory for several years, I decided to return to university. I completed a Bachelor of Midwifery in 2019 and commenced working at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in 2020. I am a permanent staff member on the Antenatal Gynaecology Ward and have completed the High Acuity Midwifery program through UniSA. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

I live in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide with my partner and three young boys. I enjoy travelling, food, reading, and being outdoors.  

I offer support across the whole continuum of breastfeeding, with a strong background in science and human physiology.

About our credentials

What is an Eligible Midwife?​

The notation ‘eligible midwife’ is a class of registered midwives. Not all midwives have this notation.

Having this indicates that the midwife is competent to provide pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care to women and their infants, and is qualified to provide associated services and order diagnostic investigations appropriate to the eligible midwife’s scope of practice.

An eligible midwife may also prescribe scheduled medicines for scheduled medicines under Section 94 within their scope of practice.

Necessary credentials

  • Midwifery experience equivalent to 3 years full time, post-registration as a midwife.
  • Successful completion of professional practice review program for midwives demonstrating the competence in the provision of providing pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care to women and their infants.
  • Successful completion of Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council accredited and Board approved program study to develop knowledge and skills in prescribing medicines.

To learn more visit – nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/

What is a IBCLC?

There is mixed advice and many misconceptions given to women about breastfeeding, and this advice can be very confusing to new mums.

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) credential is used to identify an infant feeding specialist and who has specialised clinical skills in breastfeeding management and care.

Necessary Credentials

  • A minimum of 90 hours of lactation specific education.
  • 1000 hours of lactation specific clinical practice within the five years prior to sitting the international IBCLC exam.
  • Following this, the candidate is eligible to sit for the rigorous examination by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, Inc.
  • On completion, the IBCLC credential has signified that the practitioner has demonstrated the clinical knowledge to provide holistic, evidence-based, family-centered care from preconception to weaning.

This certification is to signify that the practitioner is an expert at working with families together to develop and implement individualised feeding plans to prevent and solve breastfeeding problems and collaborate with other members in the health care team.

IBCLC’s must remain up to date with current research by completing 75 continuing education credits every 5 years or retake the accreditation exam. 

To learn more visit – ibcle.org

IBCLC Adelaide – IBCLC South Australia – IBCLC Port Lincoln – IBCLC Eyre Peninsula

My Midwifery Philosophy
Katie Mallard

My journey in life, since becoming a midwife, has shaped my midwifery philosophy.

Since becoming a midwife, I have had the wonderful opportunity of having of my own children, which has provided me with the foundations and desire to help women achieve the same amazing feelings that were part of my birthing experiences.

My aim, as a midwife, is to give women the knowledge and empowerment to be in control in the decision making for their pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.

"My passion for midwifery lies in the element of continuity of midwifery care."

The satisfaction comes, for not only the women in my care but also for me as the midwife, when recognising women’s individual needs and providing them with the skills they need, to be empowered through their journey.

I believe my role as a midwife is to provide safe women-centered care to every woman I care for, without judgment on race, social status or lifestyle choices.

I aim to promote, where possible, the normality of pregnancy and birth by working within the consultation and referral guidelines, to achieve positive collaborative relationships with other health care professionals.

I am fortunate enough to work with some inspiring midwives and general practitioners who value my belief’s around midwifery practice and enable me to have a voice regarding the care provided to women.

Strengthening my level of evidence-based education enables me to provide women with the evidence to empower them to make informed decisions or consent to midwifery health care.

For your convenience, we also provide consultation via video calls