Antenatal Consultation with Katie

Antenatal Consultation with Katie

Pregnancy is the perfect time to start thinking about breastfeeding. However, often we are so caught up in preparations for the birth, that we forget about the challenges of the postnatal phase. Ideally from 34-36 weeks gestation but we can meet your individual needs.

Booking an antenatal consult means you will get a 1 hour personalised breastfeeding education, during which you can ask any questions you have before the birth of your baby. Many mums tell us that it can also be very comforting to make a connection with us before the birth.

Why choose antenatal consultation?

  • You have had a previous breastfeeding experience which didn’t go as planned.
  • You have a history of previous breast surgery.
  • You are have gestational diabetes or thyroid issues.
  • Or you just want to know as much as you can before your baby arrives.

*Medicare rebates apply during the first 6 weeks & 6 days of the postnatal period.


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