Lactation and Postnatal Support with Katie

Lactation and Postnatal Support with Katie

Many of us enter motherhood with advice and preconceptions formed from the lessons passed down or given by close girlfriends who have already had children.

Breastfeeding will be natural to you. 
You’ll just know what to do. 
Of course your nipples will hurt. Toughen up princess!

However, from our experience, every breastfeeding relationship is unique and different. Many of these old wife’s tales are simply untrue.

Why choose lactation and postnatal support?

During the first weeks and months following the arrival of your baby, full breastfeeding and postnatal support can provide you with the full comfort of expert conversations and advice. This can be a significant help in achieving a successful start to baby’s new life and save you from feeling isolated and alone as you navigate motherhood by yourself.

Includes an emailed care plan and resources following consultation with unlimited email contact 2 days following consultation with any questions and face-to-face video call. Please note replies will occur within working hours. Recommendation for a follow up appointment maybe required depending on concerns

*Medicare rebates apply during the first 6 weeks & 6 days of the postnatal period.


We also do gift vouchers!
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