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Eyre Lactation and Midwifery is available to families in Port Lincoln and throughout the Eyre Peninsula.

Breastfeeding and midwifery support for mums (and dads)

Motherhood and breastfeeding are our biological norms. However, for many mums, the first moments of a new child’s life can be very daunting.

This precious little bundle relies solely on you for its every need, and we often return home from the birth feeling isolated, confused and overwhelmed. This is because the hospital journey can be a bit of a whirlwind of new experiences, new emotions and endless parenting information.

Eyre Lactation and Midwifery provides holistic breastfeeding support from the antenatal period (during pregnancy) throughout postpartum (after childbirth), along with postpartum midwifery care.

In the first few weeks of baby’s new life and in a comfortable and relaxed environment, we will guide and empower your breastfeeding experience. We are mobile and flexible to visit your home, and also able to host consultations at the Boston Bay Family Health Practice.


This is how we can help you

These are some of the diverse situations and obstacles we can assist with.

Learning how to breastfeed with baby

Learning about birth and your baby

Common breastfeeding pains & problems

Pumps, bottles and everything in between

Why consult a midwife?

As human beings, we like structure and control in our lives. Having a baby, recovering from the birth and learning to breastfeed can throw all of this into an overwhelming chaos. We also find ourselves receiving advice from everyone who comes to visit our new bub. We often question ourselves as mothers, which adds to the confusion and stress at this challenging time.

With expert guidance from an experienced midwife, women approach childbirth with empowerment, support, and confidence.  An experienced midwife will nurture a deep personal understanding of you and your child, which will become a most valued relationship that guides you towards an enjoyable parenting experience.

"My baby didn’t come with an instruction manual!"

This is one of the most common expressions we hear from new parents.

After the long-awaited arrival of their new baby, parents are often hit by the shock that they are now responsible for this tiny little human being. Even for those who are surrounded by an experienced family network, the new arrival can be challenging.

If leaving the house seems impossible after the birth of your child, we can guide you through all of life’s unique situations and help with your transition into motherhood. We’ll even show you how to regain control of a little bit of time, just for you. This includes everything from tandem breastfeeding, to breastfeeding with a busy family, returning to work and everything in between!

Antenatal breastfeeding education can help expectant parents prepare themselves for the arrival of their new baby, provide basic education and support any unexpected feeding issues. 

Current evidence shows this support significantly improves both maternal and infant health, especially during those first few months post-birth.

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