Your trust is important to us as we provide breastfeeding support to the Eyre Peninsula.

Our Privacy Policies

Below you will find our privacy policies specific to your personal data and medical records, as well as our website and data collection policy.

Practitioners Privacy Policy

Eyre lactation and Midwifery complies with the confidentiality and privacy obligations required of a professional medical practitioner. As a professional practice, we collect and store your personal information in an up-to-date and highly secure customer records platform. Your information is strictly confidential.

It is our standard operating procedure to collect medical and personal information prior to the first consultation for the purpose of providing a holistic consultation service.

Access to your personal information is restricted to the health consultant who provides consultation services to you.

Where necessary, we may share personal information within the referral process, but only subject to your verbal consent. On completion of consultation discharge, information from the service will be sent to the general practitioner of your choosing and archived within an encrypted database.

Photos and Images

Photos commissioned by Eyre Lactation & Midwifery do so following to consent of those photographed and published only after completion of a photo release consent form.

In some instances, we may legally use freely available stock photos legally obtained from third party websites.

Website Privacy

We are obliged to follow the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) – Australia, and industry position papers written on the subject of privacy.


Our site uses cookies to help improve the speed and performance of your experience. Cookies are small files that are stored by the website, on your computer. They help “remember” you or your individual journey each time you visit a site and save small amounts of information to reduce loading times, for example. If a web site does not use cookies, you will be perceived as a new visitor each time you arrive at the site. Cookies can be very useful in the sites you visit regularly.

With regards to Google Analytics, the cookie files contain information that is used by Google to keep statistics on how many people visit each page, how long they are on one page, what other pages they open and what country they are located in. In addition, they record things like, pages or links copied and shared by users, on their social media channels. These statistics are stored anonymously, but in most cases included a record of the IP address from where the user originated.

Cookies can be reset or cleared from your browser at any time, by following the instructions provided by the browser provider.

As our site is very simple and anonymous in the way that it collects data, we have arrived at the position in consultation with the regulations, that this site does not require an active pop up or acknowledgment of cookies. It is for this reason, we have excluded a pop up from the arrival sequence of this site.

Direct Enquires

Any direct email inquiries via our contact forms are first stored within our email inbox. If you become a customer, this information is transferred to our customer records platform.

External Data Handling

In some cases, we may use another company or software to store and handle data about you. We call this a data processor. In cases where we use data processors, we must ensure that we have entered into data processor agreements that regulate how the data processor can process data that is made available.

The standard for this is that the agreement with the data processor can only process personal data on our behalf and for clearly defined purposes.

These are reputable, secure services we use to operate our business for example:

  • Xero – our invoicing tool.
  • Coreplus – our patient records platform.

Further information about the external data handling can be obtained directly from the data processor or by contacting us directly.

Privacy Concerns

Should you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, we encourage you to first contact us directly to discuss. Any complaints or concerns can be forwarded to

A response will be provided within 30 days.

If the response will take longer to resolve, we will confirm in writing to you, a date by which we expect to formally respond.