Our Services

Providing antenatal and postnatal support services, including midwifery, and breastfeeding and lactation support.

Overview of our services​

There is a lot of mixed advice and misconceptions given to women about breastfeeding and this advice can be very confusing. As experienced professionals, we understand that each breastfeeding relationship is unique in itself.

Our holistic midwifery service provides breastfeeding support for new and experienced mothers, with continuity during pregnancy (antenatal) and after birth (the postnatal period). 

Our aim is to provide a calm and nurturing environment, either in the comfort of your own home or at the Boston Bay Family Health Practice. We maintain confidentiality and professionalism, empowering mothers to care for themselves and their newborn.

Together, we will ensure that you are prepared to provide your baby with a healthy start to life and in doing so, achieve your ideal breastfeeding experience.

Please note, Medicare rebates only apply during the first 6 weeks and 6 days of the postnatal period (and for services provide by Katie where specifically mentioned).

Preparing for your visit

Preparing for your home visit shouldn’t be stressful.

The last thing you need to worry about is tidying the house or putting on make-up. If you’re in your pj’s, we’ll be totally envious and wishing we were wearing ours!

But there are just a few simple things we need in preparation for a smooth visit,

  • Let’s gather in the place you will usually feed your baby. This will help us properly observe your breastfeeding techniques and understand how best we can help you.
  • Please make sure there is adequate lighting so that we can complete a simple oral exam of your baby’s mouth.
  • We also need a flat firm surface, for infant scales to weigh your baby.
What to expect from a consultation:
  • Weighing of your baby
  • Assessment of mum’s breasts
  • Assessment of your baby’s anatomy (tongue, lips, mouth etc…)
  • Observation of a full feed
  • Education about new feeding techniques and positions, including some practice feeds
  • Education about the tools you are using (pillows, pump, nipple shields, etc…)
  • Development of a care plan for you to use at home, conveniently emailed to you following the consultation to save you trying to remember those tips and tricks we discussed
  • Time to ask questions and discuss
  • Complimentary email communications for 48-hours following the consultation, for any questions or queries related to the initial consultation
  • Referrals to other service providers, if needed

We also do gift vouchers!
Perfect for an expecting mum.