Hear what some of our beautiful mums have to say about us and our midwife service to Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula.

Hear from some of our clients


Port Lincoln

I reached out to Katie for help with feeding my tongue-tied baby. We had been struggling for weeks to feed successfully and bub was starting to lose weight.

I travelled from Wudinna to Port Lincoln were Katie made me feel really comfortable.

Katie assessed my baby’s restrictions and referred us to a clinic in Adelaide for correction. She gave me advice and strategies for increasing and maintaining my supply and has remained in contact during the entire process. Even post-op, she continued to check-in on our progress.

Katie is a wealth of knowledge and her help and encouragement has been invaluable to us on our breastfeeding journey.



Port Lincoln

I have been lucky enough to have Katie involved in both of our children’s lives in one way or another.

From being the midwife who delivered our firstborn, to all my antenatal and postnatal care with our second born.  Katie was so encouraging and supportive, even as I became a mother for the second time, having her support was invaluable.

After having a fairly easy time feeding my firstborn I found I was struggling with oversupply this time around. It was leading to an unsettled, windy bub and multiple bouts of mastitis. Katie helped me gain control of my supply and offered many tips to aid and prevent further cases of mastitis.

I could not recommend her services highly enough!

First time, second time or beyond. I looked forward to our weekly check-ups on many levels – not just for the amazing advice and support, but Katie is genuinely great to hang out with and have a chat.

Thank you so much!



Port Lincoln

Recently, I contacted Katie after returning to work. I was struggling with my milk supply and overwhelmed by trying to pump ‘enough milk’ for my daughter while I was working.

Katie was welcoming and very supportive when showing me how to increase my supply. And after 3 days my supply had tripled.

I am now able to continue breastfeeding, provide expressed breast milk and work.  It has been a huge relief.

I couldn’t recommend Katie enough.



Port Lincoln

Eyre Lactation and Midwifery changed our lives and for that, we will be forever grateful!  Katie and Jane are both so supportive and have a wealth of knowledge. 

Katie responded to me immediately after I sent a Facebook message to Eyre Lactation and Midwifery, and we arranged for Jane to visit us at home shortly after.  Their availability was very comforting.  

Jane suggested and demonstrated a number of strategies for me to try with my unsettled baby in regards to feeding, relieving wind, and sleeping.

The first night after Jane had visited things began to change.

A few days later when Jane returned to check on us, we were very happy to show her the positive changes in our little boy. He was already happier and healthier.  Four months down the track he is still settled and a now, just a very happy little kid.

Their service is affordable, and they go above and beyond with the level of care and support that they offer before, during and after a visit.  

I highly recommend! 



Port Lincoln

After successfully breastfeeding my first 2 babies I always thought my third would happen naturally and easily.  Daisy and I started having issues with supply, attachment and her weight gain. I’m so glad I contacted Jane when I did.

Jane’s visits were highly professional, informative, super safe (with necessary precautions taken in today’s climate), warm and welcoming. She has provided us with many new strategies and support and I now have a smiley, sleepy baby post feeds.

In some rural ares, new Mum’s are at a huge disadvantage without many essential services. The ability to get together and problem-solve with our ‘village’ is amazing.  These knowledgeable ladies are fantastic to have in your corner.  I would highly recommend contacting Eyre Lactation and Midwifery as soon as you start to have an issue!



Port Lincoln

I was having trouble settling my 5 week old. She was restless and cried most of the day, on and off feeding with resulted in mastitis. I had a friend recommend a lactation consultant as she too had experienced similar issues.

Katie spent time with Billie and I as we went about our daily routine. She offered information on oversupply of milk which at the time I didn’t realise was a thing, attachment and cues. I applied the information she provided into my daily feeds and noticed a remarkable change almost instantly. Billie is now sleeping during the day is just overall a much happier baby.

I couldn’t recommend Katie more highly. She was professional, respectful and her warmth made me feel comfortable which was important for me. She offered information where I peeked and has improved my overall confidence.



Tumby Bay

Katie was my rock during my pregnancy and the first few months of my daughter’s life.

Her vast range of knowledge and nurturing demeanor, made me feel informed and supported throughout those tough times and she never made me feel like I was asking any ‘stupid questions’.

Katie has a natural loving personality yet is incredibly professional and offers a calming influence in those stressful situations. We are so lucky to have her here on the EP.



Port Lincoln

In a very vulnerable time in my life, I was recommended to contact Jane to help me to learn to breastfeed my newborn baby. The moment she walked in through my front door I was given confidence, a sense of calm, and security.

Her beautiful manner instantly put my mind at ease and her wealth of knowledge enabled me to take the road to a successful breastfeeding journey.

She was there whenever I needed her. She made me feel like I was her only worry in the world whom she would do anything for. My daughter and I are now in the 18th month of our beautiful breastfeeding story.




I cannot recommend Katie highly enough, for all of her ongoing support, advice and expertise throughout my pregnancy, approaching childbirth and in the postpartum period.

My pregnancy was difficult and I was overwhelmed with the midwife service provided in the United Kingdom (where I was living at the time). I was incredibly lucky to have Katie available via sms and Skype, to answer all my questions and provide much-needed support during this time.

One of the key elements that made a big difference to my experience, was Katie’s follow up and genuine interest in how I was going.  Throughout pregnancy, she would check in on me, enquiring about progress and provided all kinds of professional and mental support.

Approaching childbirth, she was incredibly supportive and answered any and all of my questions (and there were many!). She also provided suggestions and feedback on my intended birth plan (as we were relocating to live in Singapore), based on her incredible wide range of experience.

Postpartum, she has been a godsend with her practical support, especially in relation to breastfeeding. Like many women, I found breastfeeding difficult and had numerous challenges along the way. Katie’s ongoing reassurance and advice have been invaluable; I don’t know where my breastfeeding journey would have taken us, without her by my side.

Throughout all of this, it is clear that Katie loves her role and genuinely cares about the women she supports. Whether you’re a first-time parent or not, having Katie involved will give you all the confidence needed at such a life-changing time.


We’ll help you achieve your ideal breastfeeding experience.